Throwing a theme party for your dad is an exciting idea. Check out some fun themes for Father's Day party.

Father's Day Party Themes

Theme parties are the in-thing these days. Any party can be spruced up with a fun theme that goes well with both the occasion and the list of invitees. On Father's Day, you can open that creative vent of your mind and come up with a unique and exciting theme idea that will make the celebration a day to remember. The best way to organize a theme party is to inform the guests a few days prior to the party, so that they arrange for the required outfits. You may tell dad that you have organized a party, but don't reveal that it is going to be a theme party. Let it be a sweet shocker for him. If you are looking for some ideas for a Father's Day theme party, check out our list of themes below.

Western Party Theme
This theme is something that your dad is surely going to like. To set this party theme, send the invitation card that resembles a WANTED poster, with a photograph of your dad. Ask guests to dress as cowboys and saloon girls. Set the ambience like that of an old west saloon with the right music playing on the background. Keep a pair of boots, faded denims, a cowboy hat and a bandanna handy for dad.

Hawaiian Party Theme
Ask guests to dress up as beachgoers, in colorful floral printed shirts, surfer shorts and sarongs. Bright flowers should be used in place of ornaments like earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklets, etc. The decorations should also be done with flowers. Play loud Hawaiian music in the background to highlight the theme.

Angels and Demons Party Theme
This theme is characterized by the fact that guests either dress up as fairies, cherubs, nuns and angels or as demons, fallen angels, zombies and vampires. Alternate between spine-chilling music and soft and soothing tracks. Decorate two rooms, one as Heaven and the other as Hell. Decorate one with wreaths, flowers and the other with eerie objects like broken mirror and artificial cobwebs.

Hollywood Party Theme
Now, this theme is one where each guest dresses up like a famous Hollywood celebrity and dons a particular outfit which that celebrity wore, preferably in a popular movie. One may even come as the superheroes in movies. While conducting a Hollywood party theme, make sure that the ambience is grand, like in Hollywood, with lavish food, wine and of course, lots of airs.

Men in Black & Lady in Red
This theme is also a hit among the partygoers these days. Here, the males dress in black and the ladies don themselves in red outfits. Generally, the males should be asked to wear formal trousers, shirts and jackets, instead of tees and sportswear. Likewise, ladies are to wear red cocktail dresses and other elegant attires. Keep the lighting low, with appropriate music and lots of fine liquors and cocktails.

Victorian Theme Party
This theme is suitable if you have a large space, which can be made to look like a ballroom. The room should overflow with drapes and chandeliers or candles, crystals and ornate portraits. You can even organize a garden party, with a Victorian theme. Ask guests to dress like Victorian ladies and lords. Lots of flowers, hearts, cherubs, white wrought iron and elaborate laces are to be used in the decoration. Play soothing classical music by Mozart, to blend with the theme.