Bake some of these easy Father's Day cake recipes for your dad and make him feel really special on this Father's Day. These Father's Day cakes will surely have a mouth watering effect on the occasion.

Father's Day Cake

How about immersing your daddy dearest in a pool of sweet indulgence and spoiling him this Father's Day? Sounds amazing, isn't it? Cakes have been the most popular and integral aspect of all celebrations and Father's Day is no less. Just name it and saliva flushes into the mouth and a desire to have it strikes the stomach. A cake, no matter in any shape, flavor or design, completes the celebrations and makes the occasion a picture perfect one. Father's Day is a special occasion for both the child and his/her dad. A day of role reversal, it is the time when every dad plays the role of a child, while children play up as the caretaker or guardian. On this particular day, it is the dad, instead of child, who enjoys all the attention and pampering.

Father's Day is just the ideal time to treat your dad as the king of your household. Right from the time he wakes up to the time he goes off to sleep at night, make him feel as extra special. While serving him appetizing breakfast, delicious lunch and scrumptious dinner sounds too good, the day still lies incomplete without the sweet indulgence of a dessert. So, this Father's Day just go ahead and bake a special Father's Day cake for the special person in your life on this special day. Under this section of the Father's Day cake recipes, we are suggesting a few very popular and easy to make cake recipes that would surely bring that extra curvaceous smile on the face of your dad.

Carrot Cake
Cakes have been an essential part of all celebrations since times immemorial. Be it birthdays, anniversary, graduation day or any other special occasion, the presence of a delicious cake is inevitable and if the cake is a home baked one, the joy of indulging in the sweet treat automatically doubles.

Chocolate Cake
Tempt, entice and tantalize the taste bud is all that a chocolate cake can do to most men and women. Be it the simple chocolate cake or one that is flooded with chocolate chips, fruits or nuts, the feeling of dwelling into the pool of chocolate cake is definitely too good to be true.