Help the fathers-to-be in becoming a responsible dad. Read on to get ideas on expectant dad gifts that will help them know their responsibilities as a father.

Father To Be Gifts

News of a new born always brings happiness, pleasure and expectations for the family. The members of the family are all excited and there is an environment of celebration with sweets, and gifts coming to the mother. The oldies in the family grant some free advice from their experience to the mother-to-be. But, not much of concentration is on the father-to-be. Nobody generally speaks to him about how to take care of the baby, what all needs to be taken care of, the dos and don'ts. Gifts are given to the expectant mothers so that she can prepare for baby care. Little though is given to the needs of the dad-to-be. A father-to-be as well requires some help with regard to baby care and upbringing. Therefore, a present for dad-to-be on the occasion of baby shower should be considered with a serious thought, as it is a proud moment for him as well.

Expectant Father Gift Ideas

Parenting Guides For Dad
A man who is about to become a father for the first time, may not know how it feels to be a father or what to expect after the baby is born. He might not know what it is like being a father. Therefore, some inspiring work to read on parenting will prove to be a good gift. These books will give some helpful hints for the expectant dad and will inspire him to understand his duties as a father.

Cell Phone
If he has not yet gone high-tech, then there is no better time than this to introduce him to technology. You can buy him a new portable phone. These gifts will come handy in the last month of pregnancy when dad needs to be reachable 24 hrs a day.

Children's Books
For an expectant dad, some story books of children will prove to be an inspirational and useful gift. You can gift him the collection which he used to like as a child. These gifts will make him relate well to the kid.

Get a backpack for an expectant father and let him experience the adventure of fatherhood. This is a very useful gift option which a father can use on day hikes, long walks, late night diaper runs, etc. This will help the father give a great view of the world and at the same time will keep his hands free for other work.

Front Carrier
Babies like to be close to parents. Therefore, a sling or a front carrier will help the parents keep the baby close to them even while on a move. This closeness will also help strengthen the bond between the dad and the child, according to experts.

Congratulatory Card
If you are not able to think of a suitable gift for a new father, then a heartfelt and humorous card will be a good option. A card is always a warm way to send regards. One can even add some chocolates, cigars or some baby items into the greeting.

Baby Customized Items
A customized baby gift is a good option for a gift to be given to an expectant dad. A coffee mug with quotes on babies or with a baby's picture, a T-shirt with baby's picture, keychain, hat or a bookmark are all among the few options for a good gift for a going to be dad.