Neckties are amongst the most popular Father's Day Gifts. Explore tips for buying a necktie/neck tie gift for your father/ dad.

Necktie for Fathers

Just like flowers are been associated with Mother's Day, neckties are normally associated with Father's Day. A neck tie has unknowingly become the official and most popular of all Father's Day gifts. Such is the popularity of gifting a necktie, that many people even consider it as a symbolic representation of the special day. Necktie-gifting began in the western countries as early as the decade of the 1920s. Since then and even today, most countries of the West mark a necktie as the most classic, conventional and sentimental of all Father's Day gifts.

Over the years, various exclusive Father's Day gifts have been introduced in the market. However, neckties still occupy a dominant hold. The traditional value attached with it is utilized by gift-sellers, who introduce innovative patterns, fabrics and styles of neckties a few weeks before Father's Day. Thus, till date, children love presenting their dads with a new necktie every year. Sometimes, they might even give an assortment of gifts to their dad, but that definitely includes a tie of course. In fact, many daddies eagerly look forward to receiving a new tie on Father's Day every year.

Tips to Consider
  • Take into consideration your dad's personality, fashion taste and job profile before buying a necktie for him. See that the tie goes well with shirts and business suits that dad already has.
  • Ensure that you purchase a silk tie as your Father's Day gift. They make a classic fashion statement and go well with sophisticated attires. Make sure that the texture of the tie is smooth to touch.
  • Check that the inside of the tie is lined with stiff material, to give shape to the body of the tie. At the same time, see that it has a standard length of about 52 to 58 inches.
  • Inspect closely for any loose threads. Moreover, while purchasing a high-quality tie, make sure that it is properly lined with wool or with some sort of wool mixture.
  • Once you decide on the tie, see that you get it gift wrapped. A well-wrapped gift always looks presentable and shows concern on the part of the giver. Don't just go and clumsily present it to dad.
  • You can also go ahead by purchasing a tie rack so that your father can store all his expensive ties in it.