How about presenting your stepfather with a poem on Father's Day? Read poems/ poetry meant for step dad here.

Father's Day Poems for Stepfather

A step dad is often subjected to dislike and criticism by his children. It could be because they do not usually appreciate another male substituting their dad's place. However, do we realize how difficult it is for a man to father someone else's children? Like a biological father; he too has his own set of domestic challenges and responsibilities. Those children who have a stepfather should hold no grudge and welcome Father's Day as a perfect moment to bury the hatchet and renew a loving bond with him. The best way to kiss and make up is by presenting him with a nice poem that put forwards your sincere feelings towards him. To help you with this, we have compiled a few poems meant for stepfathers and included here.

Stepfathers Are No Less Than Those of Blood

Stepfathers are no less than those of blood:
The spirit is more comely than the flesh.
Equally, two mysteries might mesh,
Paired by nature or by neighborhood
Fathers are defined by how they love,
And not by how they multiply or breed.
Though you did not supply the primal seed,
How you've loved me does your kinship prove.
Each child must turn when life's too hard to bear,
Regarding someone's arms or empty air.
So do I turn, and always you are there.
- Nicholas Gordon

My Stepfather

You're a kind and generous person
Who can brighten up our days;
Bringing much joy to others
With your kind and thoughtful ways.

You're a wonderful person
Who makes cares just disappear.
With your warm endearing smile
Through out each day all year.

That's why this greeting
Comes on this special day
I just want to thank you
For your endearing way
- Anonymous