Father is a beautiful Father's Day song from the album Children of Eden. It is indeed one of the most lovable numbers on Father's Day.


Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June to commemorate fatherhood. The day marks the beautiful relationship of father with his children. Fathers are the most important and strongest person in any family whom we, as children, always look up to as our inspiration and support. They are considered as the most experienced person who can easily guide and educate us on any aspect of life. Thus, Father's Day is indeed a day to pay tribute to the great and special figure that we have in our lives. Celebrate din different ways across the world, the commonality among all is the gift-giving and dinners that are organized especially for dads. Well, you can go ahead by memorizing the lyrics of the song given here and sing it your dad. You dad is sure to melt in and hug you for all the efforts put to make his day all the more special. The song is from the album "Children Of Eden Soundtrack".

Sleeping there like angels
Innocent and simple
I think she's got my nose
I think he's got my dimple

In my own image
From my likeness are they sprung
They will keep me company
They will keep me young

That's what it means to be a Father
Planning their future as you watch your children sleep
That's what it means to be a Father
I never knew that I could feel a love so deep

Well I will be their teacher and I will be their guide
And anything they'll ever need I'll be there to provide
And in return, they'll love me
Stay forever at my side
That's what it means to be a Father
For I have built a universe, spectacular and new
And I sat there in my universe and learned that this was true:
What use is a universe with no one to give it to?
Not a hill of beans
'Til you pass along your genes
That's what it means to be a Father