Planning to sing a melodious song for your father on his special day? Read on to get few ideas on the best love songs for Father's Day.

Father's Day Love Songs

You make a card; create a craft, get a cake, gifts, decorate, cook, and celebrate, and you do many more things to make that one day special for your Papa. Father's day is one day, when you want to show all your love and affection to your dad. It is a day, an opportunity for you to express your feelings and appreciation for that one man, who brought you up in a loving and healthy way. You look for options to make this day memorable, you want to prove it to your dad that it's not only him who loves and cares. There are many ways in which you make this day special for him, one of those many ways is to sing a heartfelt song for him on father's day. Singing a song for your dad is a simple and very expressive way to grant your sincerest gratitude for all the pains and sacrifices taken up by your dad in order to provide you a happy life. There are plenty of songs written and sung, especially for the occasion. You can choose any song and sing it in your own way for your dad, or you can even compose your own song, if you are good at it. Children can sing this father's day song at any family gathering to touch their father's heart. Here are few famous and melodious father's day love songs.

Love Songs For Father's Day

He Loves Me and I Love Him Too

He loves me and I love him too
There's a man who really loves me his name is daddy-o
Do he love me
YES he do
Yes he do
Yes he do
And he loves me a lot
And I love him too
Do I love him
Yes I do
Yes I do
Yes I do
He loves me and I love him too and that is a fact.

Hugs for Daddy
Sung to: "Ten Little Indians"

One little, two little, three little hugs.
Four little, five little, six little hugs,
Seven little, eight little, nine little hugs,
Ten little hugs for Daddy.
One big, two big, three big hugs,
Four big, five big, six big hugs,
Seven big, eight big, nine big hugs,
Ten big hugs for Daddy

Sung to: "Jingle bells"

D-A-D, D-A-D,
Dad is my best friend.
We play games, we go the park,
The fun just never ends!
D-A-D, D-A-D,
I love to hold your hand.
It feels so good, it feels so safe,
You're the best dad in this land!

My Daddy Helps Me
Sung to: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

My Daddy helps me when I'm sick.
My Daddy helps me when I'm blue.
My Daddy helps me when I'm sad.
Thanks, Dad, for all that you do!
You help, you help,
You help me feel so much better.
You help, you help,
You help me feel so much better.