Many famous books depict the relation between a father & his children. These top novels can serve as the perfect Father's Day gift.

Father's Day Books

The filial bond that a father shares with his children is so magnetic that it has been a dominant theme of many a literary masterpieces. Writers of all ages have beautifully dealt with the father-children relation and brought to life some of the most galvanizing characters of all times, in their novels. It is a marvel to go through these fine pieces of literature that capture the enigmatic phases associated with fatherhood and childrearing. The way these literary fathers relate to their children in particular, and the society in general, really makes some gripping read. If your father loves to read, here is a chance to make him happy on this special day. In the following lines, we have provided a list of the top 17 books that explore father-children relation. Pick one as your Fathers' Day gift this year.

Famous Novels on Father

The Tempest
Penned by William Shakespeare, one of the greatest playwrights and dramatists of yesteryears, The Tempest is a beautiful narration of how a father, the rightful Duke of Milan, raises his only daughter child in an isolated island, after being usurped by his own brother. It wonderfully portrays the mental strength and power of a man, who finally teaches a lesson to the betrayers and ascends the throne.

The Namesake
A Jhumpa Lahiri creation, The Namesake dwells upon the hardships faced by a Bengali couple, when they relocate to America. It reflects the nuances faced by the family due to the cultural differences, along with the highly diverse social, religious and psychological backgrounds. A perfect pick, to learn more about a father-son relationship!

Embracing your Father
Author Linda Nielsen has wonderfully created the magic of a father-daughter relationship in her book, 'Embracing your Father'. The books deals with the psychological thought process of how most women, who though want a close bond with her dad, do not take the first step, thinking it to be a father's responsibility. The book shows how women can transform the relationship by just indulging in emotional embracing.

Other Popular Books
  • The Kite Runner (by Khaled Hosseini)
  • Daddies and Daughters (by Berry, Carmen Renee and Barrington)
  • Secret Father (by James Carroll)
  • The Mayor of Casterbridge (by Thomas Hardy)
  • Pere Goriot (by Honore de Balzac)
  • The Godfather (by Mario Puzo)
  • The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird (by Harper Lee)
  • Kramer Vs Kramer (by Avery Corman)
  • Gilead (by Marilynne Robinson)
  • Big Fish (Daniel Wallace)
  • The Professor's Daughter (by Emily Raboteau)
  • Big Russ & Me (by Tim Russert)
  • My Dad & Me (by Larry King)
  • Daddies and Daughters (by Berry, Carmen Renee and Barrington)
  • Point of Return (by Siddhartha Deb)