A funny greeting card will make your dad crack with laughter on Father's Day. Get info on fun/humorous cards for Fathers Day here.

Father's Day Funny Cards

Busy schedule, approaching deadlines, rising household expenses, stubborn teenagers - life of a dad is nothing more than a burden of ever-scaling tension and stress. In such an everyday scenario, daddies often forget their daily dose of medicine, laughter, which is the only thing that can keep them going strong and healthy. So, on Father's Day, every child should make it a point to bring that chuckle and smile back onto the face of his/her father. It would not only ease the big boy, but also give him a feeling of being special and cared for. A smile would relieve him from pressure and anxiety and also give him the zeal to work again, harder and better. One of the best ways to bring that curve on the face of your dad would be by presenting him a funny Father's Day card.

Greetings cards are a gift items which almost everyone, no matter young or adult, loves. It usually brings a smile on the face of the receiver. With commercialization, cards have become an important medium of expression. For every occasion, we have a wide variety of cards. Days before the occasion, markets are spill out with these fun cards. For Father's Day, you can visit any greeting card outlet and pick one that complements your dad's sense of humor. A card filled with crude humor is fine if you and dad share a very open relationship. However, such cards are better kept at bay if you have a dad who doesn't welcome slapstick jokes. You can also find greeting cards that are poured with funny one-liners, witty quotations and lighthearted Father's Day poems. They are just perfect for dads who are all-up for some peals of laughter on this day.

The next option would be to mix creativity with humor. if you are good at art, there can be nothing better than a handmade funny card for your daddy on Father's Day. You may also add some self-created tongue-in-cheek quotations and funny jokes inside these cards to heighten their hilarity. Else, write about some funny incidents that happened with the two of you during the past. It can be a very good idea to recall hilarious moments and have a hearty laugh together. Do not worry about the perfection. Remember, humor is best attained in imperfect, but impromptu creativity.

Apart from these paper cards, you can also opt for funny e-cards on Father's Day. The internet is just crammed with such free humorous cards. The best part is that they come with audio-visual delights and are often present in the form of short stories. What more can you ask for? Choose one that describes your dad best and forward one to him. You can also add some witty or thoughtful messages to these e-cards to make them more personal and special. Happy laughing!