Below given is a quiz for Father's Day based on some interesting trivia about this occasion. Read to find out if you know the answers.

Father's Day Quiz

He has been your icon and you have always wanted to follow into his footsteps. Fathers certainly make an indelible impact on our lives and shape the way we approach it. On Father's day, children make their fathers feel special and convey that they look up to their dads. It is the day to make your father feel different and extra ordinary and appreciate the efforts he has made for you in life. While you may be celebrating the day with loads of enthusiasm and zeal, you may not know all about this occasion. Given below is a Father's Day quiz. Check out to know your level of awareness about Father's Day.

Quiz for Father's Day

Q 1) Who were known as the "Founding Father"?
Ans. The 1787 constitutional Convention delegates

Q 2) Who is known as the "Holy Father" according to the Roman Catholic Church?
Ans. Pope

Q 3) Who is known to have initiated the Father's Day celebrations?
Ans. Sonara Smart Dodd

Q 4) In USA, father's Day is celebrated on?
Ans. Third Sunday of June

Q 5) Who has been given the title of 'Father of history?'
Ans. Herodotus

Q 6) "Father Time" is also known by the name of:
Ans. The Grim Reaper

Q 7) The myth of "Father Christmas" has been taken from:
Ans. The Netherlands

Q 7) A renowned poet and novelist as well as chair of poetry at the University of Cambridge, this academy award-winning actor's father wrote mysteries under the pseudonym Nicholas Blake.
Ans. Daniel Day Lewis

Q 8) Social scientists believe that the modern Western family developed largely from that of the ancient Hebrews for what reason?
Ans. Their families were patriarchal in structure

Q 9) Which "father" figure does not exist?
Ans. Father Dogs

Q 10) Who was first named "Father of His Country"?
Ans. Emperor Augustus

Q 11) Which ancient Greek god was least likely to celebrate Father's Day?
Ans. Cronos, god of fertility

Q 12) If you are a first-born son, is it a good thing or a bad thing for your father to practice primogeniture?
Ans. Good

Q 13) American actor Robert Young starred in what 1950's TV show dedicated to fathers?
Ans. Father Knows Best

Q 14) Which "Make Room For Daddy" star fathered "That Girl"?
Ans. Danny Thomas

Q 15) Which society is NOT patrilineal?
Ans. Tuareg

Q 16) What happens when a father practices the custom of couvade?
Ans. He takes to his bed and complains of labor pains

Q 17) According to Greek mythology, who was the father of the gods and mortals?
Ans. Zeus

Q 18) Can you name the father-son acting duo where the father was Spartacus and the son became president (on screen)?
Ans. Kirk and Michael