A properly wrapped gift on Fathers Day shows your love for dad. Check out the creative and unique gift wrapping ideas given here.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

On the advent of Father's Day, it is not only the gift you give to dad that makes a loving statement. In fact, the gesture of gift-giving is enhanced if you take proper measures to wrap the present neatly and adorn it with a colorful ribbon or a thank-you card. On top of it, a wrapped gift also increases the anticipation of the recipient to find out what the gift holds inside. Remember, it's not only you who loves surprises. Even daddy looks forward to some kind of sweet shockers in his day to day boring life. If you want to know how to actually wrap a gift, just go through this article and explore some creative and unique gift-wrapping ideas for Father's Day.

Gift Wrapping Ideas
  • First and foremost, collect all your materials and lay them out on a clean, flat surface. This way, you will have everything you require for the task at hand. Most importantly, do not forget to remove the price tag from the gift, before wrapping it.
  • Place the gift inside a suitable box. Next, place the box along the length of the wrapping paper. Now, wrap paper around the box, leaving at least a 2-inch overlap. Ensure there is enough wrapping paper at both sides to cover the ends of the box completely, when folded over them.
  • Once you cover the ends of the box, cut the paper from both sides. Use a pencil to mark where this overlap ends and cut the wrapping paper with the help of scissors in a straight line. Or else, use a ruler to guide you in cutting a straight line.
  • Closely inspect the wrapping paper at the ends of the box. Trim away any extra paper so that the remaining flaps are long enough to cover the whole box but short enough to fold over smoothly into flaps.
  • Once you are done with the trimming part, open the paper you've just cut. Next, lay the box in the center of the unprinted side of the paper. The top of the box should be kept face down.
  • Carefully, fold the paper around the gift. On the horizontal side of the paper, take one side and fold it over to the bottom of the gift. Then take the other side and fold it over too. Take the longer side of the paper and fold it under. It will ensure that you have a smooth crease instead of a rough cutting. Put the longer end on top of the other end and secure it with a cellophane tape.
  • Make sure to fold one side of the box at a time. Fold the corners of one side, so that it resembles a triangle. Next, fold the straight end over and pull it to the top of the package. Secure properly with a tape. Repeat the same steps on the other side.
  • Now that the gift is wrapped, you can add colorful ribbons to enhance it. Take a long ribbon and wrap it around the box lengthwise and then twist it to form a seam. Now wrap the ribbon widthwise. Turn the box over and tie a bow on the seamless side, exactly on the point where the ribbon crosses.
  • Slide a card that holds a message for your dad and place it under the ribbon. Secure firmly with tape on the underside of the card and your Father's Day gift for daddy is ready with a presentable look.