Have fun this Father's Day with our list of free party games. Explore party game ideas for Fathers Day here.

Father's Day Party Games

Father's Day brings in the perfect occasion for indulging in some party games with your dad. Selecting a few games and including them in your Father's Day party guarantees heaps of fun. Running around with your pals, while daddy enjoys his drinks with his colleagues makes the celebration sound just like another boring event. So, why miss the fun on Fathers Day? Party games will not only make the event a success, but will also provide you the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your dad throughout the day. If you are looking for some fun game ideas for your Father's Day party, we have them listed here. What best, they are all for free! Read on and have a blast.....

Balloon Blast
First, divide the total number of people into two equal groups - Team Red and Team Blue. There should be equal number of dads and kids in both the groups. For e.g. If Team Red has 5 dads and 5 kids, then Team Blue should also have 5 dads and 5 kids. Next, place two sacks of inflated balloons about 30 yards away from the starting line. One of the sacks should contain red balloons and the other blue. On the blow of a whistle, one participant from each team runs to the corresponding sack, takes out a balloon and tries to pop it by sitting on it. Once the balloon bursts, the player runs to the starting line and tags the next player in the group. The team to finish first wins the game.

Note: No jumping on the balloon or pricking it with hands is allowed.

Dumb Charades
In order to play this game, two teams are formed - Team A and Team B. Each team is assigned equal members. Both the teams sit on either side of the room, leaving a large space in between them. First, a player from Team A comes to the centre and is given the name of a movie by the members of Team B. Now he tries to explain the name of that particular movie through his actions, without uttering a single word. If Team A detects the name of the movie within a specific time, they gain a point. If not, they do not score anything. The same procedure is followed with a member from Team B. After all the participants have enacted at least once, the game gets over. Scores are calculated, and the team with the maximum score wins the game.

Hand in Hand
This is an excellent game to calculate the sense of unity and balance that a kid shares with his daddy. First, a large table is placed in the centre of the room. Now, each child makes a pair with his dad. Depending on the number of pairs, corresponding number of boxes, wrapping papers, tapes and ribbons are placed on the table. The right hands of the dads are tied with the left hands of their kids with a piece of rope. Now, with their free hands (dad with his left hand and kid with his right hand), they must wrap the package, secure it with tape and tie the ribbon around it to form a bow. The pair that finishes first wins the game, along with the gift placed inside the box.