Father of the Bride is a comedy movie, starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton & Kimberly Williams. Explore its script here.

Father of the Bride

Father's Day has emerged as one of the most celebrated festivals of the years, glorifying all the contributions made by a father towards his children. Though a father loves his children equally, it is unarguably the daughter who shares a special bond. The relationship between a father and daughter is extremely special and unique. The best way to enhance this feeling would be to spend quality time with your daddy dearest. This Father's Day, recreate the magic between you and your father by watching a movie together.

'Father of the Bride' is a hilarious comedy that recounts the story of an over-possessive father who finds it difficult to let go his daughter when she plans to get married. Directed by Charles Shyer, the movie casts Steve Martin, Kimberley Payne Williams, Diane Keaton, Martin Short and Kieran Culkin. It is through-and-through a lighthearted entertainer and explores issues related to parenthood, marriage and family interaction. In the following lines, we have provided a rundown of the movie 'Father of the Bride'

Father of the Bride, released in 1991, is a remake of the 1950 Spencer Tracy/ Elizabeth Taylor classic movie bearing the same name. However, as compared to the latter, the newer version makes the humorous aspects of planning a wedding more prominent. the story encircles around a rich upper-class businessman, George Banks (Steve Martin), a happily married man with a sweet-tempered wife Nina (Diane Keaton) and two children.

Everything goes on well, until his elder daughter Annie (Kimberley Williams), who is studying in Europe, comes home with her fiancee and announces her plan of getting married. The father is so obsessed with his girl that he literally has a panic attack on hearing the news. The idea seems more unnerving when he calculates the cost of the wedding. He is astounded by the fact that it is only he who is going crazy thinking and re-thinking about the wedding bills.

Apart from the father, another hilarious character that keeps the laughter going is the wedding coordinator Franck (Martin Short), with a nasal accent and his ideas of extravagancies that include live swans and ice sculptures for the wedding. The father's thought of losing a daughter, along with a fortune, is downright comical. Moreover the small part played by Kieran Culkin, as Annie's brother, is a laugh-getter and is equally catching.

The movie brilliantly captures the thought of a worried father, who is flabbergasted at the idea of losing his daughter to another man. Packed with mirth, the movie attains heights of hilarity as we see things from the father's end. An additional comical sting pinches him when he realizes the fact that he is now old enough to be a granddad. A sequel follows in the form of 'Father of the Bride II' (1995), where finally Annie transits from a wife to a mother. The best part is that George's wife Nina gets pregnant too. So, family trouble continues for George Banks, now with a renewed force.