Directed by Steve Miner, My Father the Hero stars Katherine Heigl & Dalton James. Read the story & summary of the movie.

My Father the Hero

Father's Day is just the perfect occasion to let your dad know that he was, is and will always be the most important person in your life. With deadlines to meet and goals to achieve, important things like expression of love and care eludes from our daily life. A day like this gives us a perfect chance to reunite the bonds of love that we share with our family. This Father's Day, make your dad feel special and loved. One of the best ways to do so would be to spend quality time with him. Watching a movie together would best solve the purpose as it would not only entertain, but also give you a chance to watch your dad sit back and relax. Since it is Father's Day, the ideal choice would be to watch a flick that is dedicated to fatherhood. If you are game to this idea, then here is the most obvious movie option - 'My Father the Hero'. Go through the following lines, to get detailed summary about the movie.

Starring Gerard Depardieu, Katherine Heigl, Dalton James, Lauren Hutton and Faith Prince, 'My Father the Hero' is a romantic comedy directed by Steve Miner. Released in 1994, the movie is the English remake of the French film called 'Mon pere, ce heros' (1991) and depicts the tribulations of a father, when he accompanies his teenage daughter to a tropical island. Read the complete story of My Father the Hero here. Nicole is a 14-year-old New York girl (Katherine Heigl), who goes for a vacation to the Bahamas with her French father Andre (Gerard Depardieu), a divorcee from an ex-American wife. What turns this vacationing trip of father-daughter into a topsy-turvy ride is Nicole's idea to appear as a woman and not a teenage girl.

In order to impress a local boy called Ben (Dalton James), working at the hotel, Nicole starts cooking up absurd stories, which begin with her father being her boyfriend. The loving father, in order to make his daughter happy, agrees to feign as her boyfriend. This bizarre game leads to a string of ridiculous stories, one after another. The funny strategy eventually takes a bad shape, when all the guests snub the father and starts avoiding him. They assume Nichole to be an underage concubine, living with this aged pedophilic man, old enough to be her father. Now, it is up to her whether she tells Ben the truth or let things get from bad to worse. This through-and-through comedy is surely going to tickle the funny bones of your dad on Father's Day.