Directed by Paul Quinn, This is My Father is a touching movie that stars Aidan Quinn. Read a summary and story of the film here.

This is My Father

How many of you can recount the last time when you and your dad watched a movie together or played a sport or in fact shared a joke? Not many would remember doing any of these things in the near past. Adapting to the changing times, almost all of us have lost the essence and beauty that a relationship holds. In such a scenario, a day like Father's Day is just the right time to make the most of the opportunity to let your dad know that he is special and is very important for you.

Father's Day is just the right time to dwell into joyous celebrations and merriment. It is a day to honor fatherhood and the offer thankfulness and gratitude to your father, for the sacrifice and pains taken by him, to help you be what you are. An easy way to make him feel special would be to watch a movie together. Though this might look like a simple idea, you can make it special by watching a movie that denotes the theme of the celebration. Out of the many movies that have been dedicated to the father figure, one which stands out is the movie, 'This is My Father'.

Written and directed by Paul Quinn, 'This is My Father' narrates the poignant tale of an ill-fated romance and its impact on the succeeding generations of a family. Starring James Caan, John Cusack, Aidan Quinn, Moya Farrelly, Stephen Rea and Colm Meaney, the movie brilliantly narrates the journey of a middle-aged Chicago schoolteacher, who travels to Ireland in search of his real father. Read on further to know the complete story of 'This is my Father'.

A Chicago schoolteacher, named Kieran Johnson (James Caan), discovers a fifty-year-old photograph of his mother and a stranger. It provides evidence that his father was actually an Irish farmer and not an old seaman, as he has always been told. Perturbed by the thought, Johnson decides to track down his real father. His mother, being paralyzed, fails to tell him anything regarding the matter. So, he travels all the way to Ireland with his nephew (Jacob Tierney), to find out answers regarding his roots.

Once in Ireland, he arrives in the village where his mother was born. He accommodates at a lodge run by a fortuneteller, who remembers knowing his mother. She recounts details of his mother's life. The movie, after this prologue, regresses back to Kieran's family roots and shows the ill-starred love-affair between his mother Fiona Flynn (Moya Farrelly) and the farmer Kieran O'Day (Aidan Quinn). For the first time in his life, Kieran knows who he actually is and everything regarding his lineage.