Starring Robin Williams & Billy Crystal, Father's Day is a movie based on the French farce Les Comperes. Read its story & summary here.

Father's Day

How about sharing a chuckle or two with your dad on a lazy afternoon on Father's Day? The expressions like 'smile' and 'laughter' seem to have evaded from the regular lives of everyone. As such, celebrations like Father's Day give everyone an ideal opportunity to relieve oneself of the stress and share a smile. One of the best ways to do so would be to watch a comic flick together. This is would not only help you spend quality time together with your dad but also ease him off the daily stress and tensions. This Father's Day, watch the movie 'Father's Day' with your dad and make him feel special. To know about the complete summary of the movie, Father's Day, read on.

Directed by Ivan Reitman, the story of 'Father's Day' is actually based on the French farce called 'Les Comperes', by Francis Veber. Released in 1997, it stars Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nastassja Kinski and Charlie Hofheimer. The story revolves around locating a runaway teenager by two men, who seem to have nothing in common. A teenage boy named Scott (Charlie Hofheimer) runs away from home, to follow a rock band called 'sugar Ray'. The worried mother Collette (Nastassja Kinski) then formulates a plan. She goes and meets two of her ex-boyfriends - Jack Lawrence (Billy Crystal) and Dale Putley (Robin Willimas) and separately informs each one of them that he is the real father of her son (oblivious of the fact that they are going to run into each other one fine day).

When both these men meet, they join forces to locate their weird son. What ensues is a mad chase to find a runaway teenager by these two men, each believing himself to be the real father. The comedy is occasionally raunchy with a few subtle sexual innuendos, as the cynical lawyer (Billy Crystal) and the suicidal writer (Robin Williams) hit the road to Sacremento and locate their drunk, fanatical son. However, as a whole, the hilarity is quite clean-cut. The comedy gallops with a laugh riot throughout. Soon after Jack and Dale find their son and bring him back to the hotel room, he escapes. So, both the helpless fathers are back at where they began. They must now collaborate to find him again, bring him back home and discover which one of them is the real dad.

A fun-movie to watch along with dad on Father's Day! It is recommended for children only above 15 years.