Father's Day Wall Hanging is an easy arts and crafts project for kids on the Father's Day. This one is an average kids project to make on the Father's day.

Father's Day Wall Hanging

If you are all at sea, thinking about what to gift your father on this Father's Day, how about a necktie for him? Well, I know it sounds cliched. It might be possible that you are too young to really bear the expense of buying a new tie. Not to worry! We are here to tell you how to gift your dad a conventional necktie and make it look unconventional as well as personalized. This wall hanging is 'knot' at all difficult to put together. All you need to do is follow our basic guidelines mentioned in the following lines. Moreover, before proceeding with the task, make sure you get hold of an old necktie and loop it in a way dad wears it. What comes next is detailed here below.

Things Required
  • An Old Necktie
  • Craft Glue or Hot Glue Gun
  • Your Small Picture
  • Fabric Paint
  • Arrange an old tie which is no more worn by your dad.
  • Get the other mentioned supplies ready.
  • Lay the tie across a table and arrange your picture in the middle of the fat end of the tie. Remember, don't paste it yet.
  • Write Happy Father's Day on the top of the picture.
  • Take your picture off the tie and place your glue around the edges and in the middle of the back of your picture.
  • Set the picture on top of the place on the tie where it was before and press on it.
  • Put your tie somewhere where it will not get ruined and let it dry.