Thinking as to what to gift your dad this Father's Day? Read on to get ideas on easy and simple Father's Day crafts ideas for kids.

Simple Father's Day Crafts

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. He is my father. There is a saying that a father is worth more than a 100 schoolmates. He is a friend, a parent, a mentor, savior and of course a banker. He is the one who changes his living, tastes, likes and dislikes to set an example in front of his kids. He is the one who is always there for you whether you need him or not at that time. Everything he does is for you and for the family. How to thank him? How can you show your appreciation and love to him? Make him a simple craft on father's day and give him a reason to be happy. You can use simple materials and make a special, personalized gift for your father. This will give you a chance to show your creativity and also your respect and love towards your dad. This will even make your dad feel good at heart and proud of you.

Simple Father's Day Craft Ideas

Necktie Craft
You can make a simple T-shirt sporting necktie that suits your dad's personality. This craft is a twist in the traditional gift items for dads.

Printable Father's Day Certificate
A printable best dad certificate is one of the simple and affordable gifts you can give your dad. This will make your dad realize his importance in your life. These certificates make great last minute gifts.

Printable Coupons
You can even print few colorful coupons and gift your dad on this special day. Present your dad with these coupons to redeem for everything from a hug to weeding the garden.

Bubble Frames
Grab some old puzzle pieces, paint and some craft gems and you can put them together to make a classic and simple frame to gift to your dad on Father's Day. These easy and personalize frames make wonderful gifts for your dad.

Survival Kit
You can be a bit thoughtful and gift something useful to your dad. If your dad is travelling continuously or is always on sail, you can make a simple survival kit and gift it to him where he can put his essentials needed while travelling.

Photo Cards
Photo cards are another example of a personalized gift that you can present to your dad with the family's photograph or your photo with your dad in it. You can even leave a sweet small message for your dad in the card.

Painted Coffee Mug
You can put down your talent on a coffee mug also. If your daddy is a coffee lover, you can make a beautiful self-painted mug.

Printed T-Shirt
You can even put your foot or hand prints on one of the T-shirt and gift it to your dad. You can make it look attractive by using different color paints and patterns.

Cool Keychain
Use beads, pearls, and marbles and make a simple colorful and attractive keychain to gift it to your dad on the special day.