Father's Day is a fun event in Canada. Read the article to know more on celebrations and traditions on Fathers Day in Canada.

Father's Day in Canada

Father's Day in Canada is celebrated with great gusto and fanfare and the revelry is usually never short of fun, feast and merry-making. Commemorated on the third Sunday of June, Father's Day in Canada is dedicated to all the fathers and father figures including stepfathers, fathers-in-law, foster parents and family friends. The idea of a special day to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood was introduced from the United States. A woman called Sonora Smart Dodd, inspired by the American Mother's Day celebrations, planned to observe Father's Day to venerate their importance. Father's Day is slowly catching up on popularity throughout America and other parts of the world. Father's Day in Canada is celebrated with gifts, cards, feast and love. One of the most striking things about Canadian Father's Day celebration is that apart from the biological fathers, this day is used to appreciate and acknowledge grandfathers, stepfathers, foster father, uncles or anybody who is as affectionate and loving towards them as a father.

Father's Day Celebrations in Canada
  • Like the US people, the Canadians commemorate Father's Day by wearing roses as an expression of gratitude to their fathers. They put on a red rose if their fathers are alive and white roses if their fathers are dead.
  • The streets are beautifully decorated with images of fathers or father figures, and the words “Happy Father's Day” are splashed all across the streets.
  • Canadian Father's Day includes many fun events like marathons and street shows, the proceeds of which go towards charity or prostate cancer research.
  • In Canada, the kids love to pamper their dads on Father's Day by showering them with wide range of gifts from clothes to cars to watches to walking sticks and more.
  • Most kids join up together and make handmade cards for their dads. Cards form a major part of Canadian Father's Day Celebration. The cards shops are stacked with all kinds of adorable meaningful cards that just add that special touch to all the merriment.
  • Feasting indeed is the prime focus of this holiday. Breakfasts, brunches, lunches or dinners form the highlight of Canadian Father's Day celebrations. Family get-togethers are quite common on this day.
  • Dining out with family is another popular Father's Day tradition in Canada. No wonder, restaurants and eating joints witness a bumper rush on the occasion.
  • Father's Day also means spending all your time with your fathers and participating in their favorite activities. Children take their fathers out on this day to movies, amusement parks or any place of their dad's choice and make sure that their fathers have a great time. Some museums and other venues offer free tickets for dads on this day.
  • Some people throw joint Father's Day parties or private parties with close friends and family on this day. Those who live away from their fathers or father figures may make long-distance phone calls, send an email or online card, or arrange for gifts to be delivered on Father's Day.