Spaniards simply love celebrating Father's day as a festival. Read on to know more about Father's Day celebration in Spain.

Father's Day in Spain

Father's day is known as 'EI dia del padre' in Spanish. It is celebrated on the 19th of March and falls on St. Joseph's day, since the Catholic Church holds a significant influence on its culture. This day is to commemorate the life of the patron saint of carpenters; Joseph, who set an example of fatherhood. In some parts of Spain, like Valencia, there's a grand celebration on St. Joseph's day and is called "Las Fallas". Father's day, until very recently, was a non-working holiday in Spain. This holiday is considered very important in Spain, as it helps acknowledge the contribution of fathers to individual families and to the society at large. This is a day to honor and thank all the father figures. The entire family gets together and enjoys a big feast and exchanges gifts. Children in Spain get busy in the preparations a week before EI Dia del Padre. They make crafts, gifts and prepare several activities for their fathers. The grown up children who are working or staying away from their home, make it a point to return back home on this day. In Spain people give family the paramount position.

Father's Day Celebrations in Spain
  • In Spain, the Father's day starts with the children serving a tasty breakfast in bed to their father. They prepare the breakfast themselves and give a surprise the moment their father wakes up, so that his day starts with a smile on his face.
  • The day may then proceed with the gifts flowing in slowly one by one. A beautiful handmade card can be the first in the line to surprise him. The card generally contains a poem or a small message for dad to let him know how special or important he is.
  • Children who are working cancel all their appointments and other commitments and prefer to spend the entire day with their father. To the people their family is most important and on any special occasion, they prefer to give all their time to their father.
  • People go out for family outings like picnic or for lunch to their dad's favorite restaurant or any other place of his interest. It is a grand day for them and they see to it that they make it special for their father figures.
  • Homemade recipes are also quite famous on this day. If lunch or dinner is being arranged at home, children make it a point to make a dish, which is the favorite of their dad. They even accompany this family meal with some Spanish wine and fun activities to make the day a memorable one.
  • Spain is a noisy country, and if you have an occasion like this, Spaniards never let it pass by quietly. They like going out and partying. They don't even mind including the entire family in the celebration, and dedicate the evening to all the father figures in the family.
  • Activities like a speech or story narration is conducted, in which children can express their thankfulness and gratitude for the man who is their idol. This is a day which all the kids take as an opportunity to shower their love on their fathers.
  • This day is a day for charity and donations for the people whose father has passed away. They send donations and charity money to different organizations and social communities in the name of their father to honor them.