Fatherhood is one of the finest feelings and Father's day celebrations in South Africa are amazing. Know more on celebrating Father's Day in South Africa.

Father's Day in South Africa

South Africa has a celebration for every event and Father's Day celebration in South Africa makes for a real sight! Observed on the third Sunday of June, Father's Day in South Africa is more than just another event. It is all about expressing your endless affection and gratitude towards your dads and celebrating the day in the most special way. Father's Day is an inclusive celebration enabling South Africans from all corners of society to commemorate the endless importance of fathers in their lives. Feasting, partying, shopping and joyous celebration marks this event. Apart from private celebrations, several social and cultural societies in South Africa organize Father's Day celebrations to emphasize the vital role played by fathers in nurturing their children and building a stronger society.

Father's Day Celebrations in South Africa
  • Father's Day celebration in South Africa is rejoiced with gifts and feasts, like everywhere else in the world. Children flock the gift stores and handpick their own special gifts for their dads. There are also many groups and organizations that help children design their own gifts for dads.
  • Private parties and dinners are hosted to commemorate the loving presence of dads and pamper them with their choicest delicacies. Delectable platter of indigenous delicacies such as biltong (dried, salted meat), bobotie (a much-improved version of Shepherd's pie) and boerewors (hand-made farm sausages, grilled on an open flame) add spice to the celebration.
  • Fun activities form the highlight of the day. Road shows, stage shows, various kinds of activities are organized on this day.
  • Outings also form a major attraction of Father's Day celebration. Kids take out their dads on outdoor trips, or visit to amusement parks, safari and more.
  • Feasting indeed lends a high to Father's day celebration in South Africa. Restaurants and eateries have a busy time catering to the fathers and families on this day. Most of the eating joints offer free buffet meal to dads on this day.
  • People also go for car rallies and cycling on this day. Father-kids pair up and participate in the events. The idea is to boost the loving bond between a father and his children and help them to have fun together.
  • Adventurous getaways are also a part of the Father's day celebration. Most of the people prefer to go out on trekking, mountain biking, and other water sports.
  • Others, who are deprived of the loving presence of father in their lives, use this day to remember their father and pay homage to other father figures in their lives.