Father's Day celebration first began in USA, to honor a single father. Know about celebrating Father's Day in America today.

Father's Day in USA

Father's Day in the United States of America falls on the third Sunday of June and is elaborately celebrated with a lot of fanfare. On this particular day, children pay homage to their father and pamper him with loads of treats and gifts. The matchless popularity of Father's Day in USA is due to the fact that it is here that it got its first recognition. Father's Day, as we know today, was first celebrated in 1909, at Spokane locality of Washington, by Ms Sonora Smart Dodd, to honor her single dad, Mr. William Jackson Smart.

It was in 1972 that President Nixon established Father's Day as a permanent national day of observance in America. Eventually, the day came to be observed in many parts of the world. Thus, celebrating Father's Day is entrenched in the tradition of America. Even today, people mark this special day to honor their father and express gratitude for his overwhelming presence in their lives. As a Father's Day tradition, people in the US also offer their good wishes to other elderly males in their families, extended families and neighborhood.

Apart from the real father, Father's Day greetings and gifts are also given to grandfather, stepfather, foster father, uncle or any other man who is like a father figure. Father's Day in America is, therefore, a way of reflecting on the father's role in the life of a child. Due to its importance, this special day is also seen as a time for family reunions and get-togethers. On this day, children who stay away from their families make it a point to visit their dad and spend quality time with him.

Father's Day Celebration in USA

Talking about Father's Day celebration, the whole of America seems to drench itself in the celebration fervor. Right from making handmade cards to cooking delicacies to throwing lavish parties, children indulge in numerous activities to make the day a special and memorable one for their daddy dearest. Giving gifts is a traditional ritual which has been in practice, since the onset of this occasion. Kids express their emotions for dad with the help of simple homemade arts and crafts. Other popular gifts items are cards, flowers and chocolates which are presented as an expression of warmth and gratitude.

With the dawn of commercialization, the type of gifts presented has undergone an immense change. The market, today, is virtually filled with endless of options, thus increasing the range of gifts as well. While some have condemned the commercialization of these days, there are many others who have lend their support to it, stating the process as the best medium for creating awareness about the Father's Day celebration, thus helping in solidifying bonds between children and dads. Whatever it is, commercialization or non-commercialization, what remains constant is the fact that Father's Day is a special occasion and that it gives every child a unique opportunity to thank his/her dad and reunite the ties of love, care and compassion.