Father's day celebrations in New Zealand are grand and special. Read on to know more about celebrating Father's Day in New Zealand.

Father's Day in New Zealand

Father's day, in and around the world, is celebrated with much charm and enthusiasm. In New Zealand, which is the beautiful country of islands, Father's Day is celebrated with the same zeal and fervor as in other parts of the world. It is on the first Sunday in the month of September that the father's day is celebrated in New Zealand. Just like in several parts of the world, people of New Zealand celebrate the occasion by honoring their father and paying tribute to fatherhood in general. The celebrations of this special day are quite grand in this country with children doing all sorts of things to make this day memorable for their father. Children take advantage of this day to pamper their dad with all sorts of gifts, flowers, chocolates, cards etc. Spending time with father by indulging in joyful activities is another popular way of expressing love and affection for Dads on this day in New Zealand. Read on to know more on Father's Day in New Zealand.

Father's Day Celebration in New Zealand
  • People start the preparation of Father's Day quite in advance. People start arranging for gifts, planning out the day and making reservations for restaurants and adventure parks quite in advance. Those who stay away from their father try to spend their day with their dad. So, Father's Day is also a day of reunion in New Zealand.
  • There is a special effort made by people to make their dad feel special and loved. Some, who can, visit their fathers while others send gifts and sweets across, such as clothing or sporting equipments, along with a card or flowers.
  • Different families in New Zealand have different traditions and different ways to celebrate this day. These traditions can range from just a simple phone call or greeting card to a large party honoring all father figures in an extended family. Father figures can include fathers, step-fathers, father-in-laws, grandfathers and even other male relatives.
  • Children generally make different crafts and gifts for their dad. They present different gifts to their dads on this day with a card or a bouquet of flowers with a quote or note portraying their emotions and love for their dad. Children generally spend the entire day with their dad by going out for an outing or a picnic or to some adventure sports.
  • People also make this day special for their father by making a favorite dish for their dad or by throwing a grand party making it a family affair for everyone to enjoy.
  • Those who stay at home with their father try to assist them with their works. To many of them, this is the most special way to express their affection towards their dad, and to let him know that everything he does for the family is appreciated from the core of the heart.