Father's Day is a secular festival celebrated across the world. Get an idea of Fathers Day celebration in the UK/ England here.

Father's Day in UK

Father's Day is a secular festival that sees celebration in different parts of the world. A day dedicated to fatherhood, the occasion is mainly celebrated to honor the hard work and sacrifice which every dad incurs for the happiness and luxurious life of his children. It is also a way of reminiscing all the happy moments together and expressing heartfelt thanks and gratitude to him. Days before the celebration, children engage themselves in preparations to make this special occasion a memorable one. Like in most places, Father's Day celebration in UK (Great Britain) takes place with much aplomb and glory. In England, this day falls on the third Sunday of every June. Therefore, the occasion is not marked on a particular date, rather keeps on changing each year.

People revel in its festivities and honor their fathers on this special day. Joyous celebrations are also characterized with gift-giving and organizing lavish parties at home. On this day, children put across their innermost feelings of affection and gratefulness towards their dads, with the help of various tokens of love. Popular gifts like cards, flowers, and chocolates are presented to daddies, as expressions of warmth and gratitude. Small children articulate their sentiments for dad with the help of simple homemade arts and crafts. Colorful handmade greeting cards are a preferred gift among many children. Father's Day parties and cultural shows are also organized in many schools all across Britain.

Children, along with their daddy dearest, participate and show their talents and also take part in various games and activities during the Father's Day school festivities. Apart from schools, the day is also celebrated in various clubs and cultural societies. Parties and get-togethers are organized to mark the cheerful spirit. People enjoy themselves with good food, fine liquors and tasteful music. Various games for children as well as adults are also conducted in these parties. However, Father's Day celebration in the UK today has undergone much change, thanks to globalization and commercialization.

It is seen as an opportune moment to introduce flamboyant products and extravagant gifts in the market. Marketers take full advantage of its ritualistic process of gift-giving, to launch favorable advertising campaigns. Though many critics vehemently oppose such crass commercialization, many people are in supportive of such forceful ad campaigns. Cheerers believe that such advertising policies create awareness about the Father's Day celebration and thus help in solidifying bonds between children and dads.

So, whether it is cooking for dad his favorite meal or taking him to his favorite entertainment zone or watching a movie dedicated to fatherhood or even presenting him flamboyant gifts, people in UK celebrate the occasion with much zing and vigor!!